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The premier emergency management company building a more resilient country one client at a time.

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The Story of Ikanos

I’ve had an interest in the safety and wellbeing of others for as long as I can recall. My parents have pictures of me as a pre-teen dressed in my dad’s firefighting gear, and I participated in the 4-H Speech Competition for a number of years offering orations on the importance of firefighters. I obtained my Amateur Radio Operator (Ham Radio) license at the ripe age of 14, and my dad and I spent years serving as severe storm spotters where I would use my ham radio to send our reports to the emergency operations center and to the National Weather Service. I would go on to become a meteorologist and serve in various emergency service roles during a 15+ year career.

In that spirit of serving others and making our world safer and more secure, I founded Ikanos Emergency Management. Ikanos (pronounced ī-cǝn’-ōs) is the Greek word for able, and we are driven to make sure that one word describes us at all levels. We are able to meet whatever challenges our clients and to empower them to become more resilient. Our mission is to provide our clients with an exceptional consulting experience, superior equipment and unrivaled customer service as they mitigate against, plan and prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters.

Randall Roby

Introducing Randall Roby, Chief Executive of Ikanos. His background is in the
field of emergency management where he served as an operations officer,
planning officer and homeland security officer during the course of his career,
and he managed the response to hundreds of emergencies and disasters.
Randall was tapped to establish the Shelby County (TN) Office of Homeland
Security and served as interim director of homeland security for Memphis and
Shelby County for two years. He also worked as the chief of emergency
planning for the Memphis/Shelby County Emergency Management Agency.
During his two decades in emergency management, Randall managed
numerous projects including the Memphis Urban Area Security Initiative and the
Regional Technology Integration Initiative. He worked with the Federal
Government on the development of the Defense Support to Civilian Authorities
program for the Department of Defense, and developed, conducted and
evaluated training exercises for National Guard Civil Support Teams from
Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan. He also worked with companies like FedEx,
AutoZone and Nike to develop and enhance their emergency preparedness
programs. Randall managed in excess of $100 Million in grant funds throughout
his career and brings that experience to Ikanos Emergency Management. When
he’s not helping organizations become more resilient, Randall loves playing golf,
watching football and spending time with his nephew Hayden.