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The Road To Resiliency

From on-site assessments, to equipment procurement recommendations, to fully managed and executed emergency preparedness plans, Ikanos has the expertise, capability and passion necessary to ensure your business or organization is prepared for whatever the future brings.

Our Consulting Packages

Level 3 Consultation

Consists of an on-site assessment of the facility to evaluate various life safety and physical safety elements. The evaluation looks at the facility’s capability to withstand emergencies and disasters from three primary categories (natural, man-made accidental and man-made intentional). 

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Level 2 Consultation

Expands upon the Level III by providing support to the organization as they develop their emergency management program. Assistance and guidance are given to move through the process of plan development, team organization, equipment procurement, training and exercising the program.

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Level 1 Consultation

This consultation level places program development responsibility on Ikanos. Our consultants will develop the emergency management plan, organize the necessary teams, identify and recommend necessary equipment, provide required training and conduct the necessary exercises.

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