Who We Serve

We offer an array of services and equipment to organizations of every type and size.

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Religious Organizations

Medical/Health Care

The importance of preparing ourselves for disasters is universal. Emergencies can happen anywhere, including places of worship, and everyone must take action to prepare for emergencies in case something unexpected happens. However, the truth is there’s no onesize-fits-all solution to being prepared. We work with religious organizations of all sizes and types to determine the threats and vulnerabilities you face and then develop a program to prevent or lessen the impact of those incidents. We make sure you’re able to focus on your important work of helping the hurting, and will guide you through the whole process of developing an emergency management program. We look at every aspect of your ministry to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for whatever may happen.

Our Core Services


  • On-site safety assessments
  • Emergency plan development and management
  • Equipment recommendations and procurement
  • Training program recomendations
  • Background check services

Training Programs

  • General emergency management training - How to form a team, basic emergency response procedures for various  emergencies
  • Active shooter response training - Run, Hide, Fight program; firearms in the facility; medical response operations; post event recovery
  • Sexual abuse awareness, prevention and response
  • Conflict deescalation and resolution
  • Behavior profiling and recognition


  • Workshops and Tabletop exercises to test existing plans
  • Functional exercises (live action) to test specific portions of a plan or response framework
  • Full scale exercises (live action) to test total response system
  • All above follow the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines