Emergency Management On Demand

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Emergency Management on Demand is an exciting new service that Ikanos is pleased to offer.  In addition to the benefits outlined below, the On-demand cost structure allows you to easily forecast your annual emergency management related expenses.

You Get The Following For Just $1,000/year or $100.00/month

EMOD Service Summary

  • 12 Months Unlimited Email and Phone Support
  • 1 On-site Emergency Response Mission
  • 60% Off Consulting Services

Email and Phone Support

  • Plan review and guidance
  • Special event planning
  • EM Team development
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • Training & Exercise design

On-site Mission Support

  • Response and Recovery phase guidance
  • Interface with local government emergency responders
  • Insurance claim preparation
  • Integration of mitigation actions into the recovery process

Our Core Services


  • On-site safety assessments
  • Emergency plan development and management
  • Equipment recommendations and procurement
  • Training program recomendations
  • Background check services

Training Programs

  • General emergency management training - How to form a team, basic emergency response procedures for various  emergencies
  • Active shooter response training - Run, Hide, Fight program; firearms in the facility; medical response operations; post event recovery
  • Sexual abuse awareness, prevention and response
  • Conflict deescalation and resolution
  • Behavior profiling and recognition


  • Workshops and Tabletop exercises to test existing plans
  • Functional exercises (live action) to test specific portions of a plan or response framework
  • Full scale exercises (live action) to test total response system
  • All above follow the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines